I have written books and articles on a broad range of topics from computer ergonomics, pregnancy, and fitness to abuse recovery, attention disorders, and conflict resolution. These seemingly disparate topics all revolve around the integrated use of the embodied self.

The two children's books contain stories I wrote for my son when he was little, and even in them there are hints about the wise use of the body self.

Some of my writing has been translated into various languages, and as more translations are done, they will be added to the website.

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Extending the Way: Applications of Aikido Principles in Personal, Social and Business Development

history of the Aki Extensions organization.
Sample Chapters: 

Aiki Extensions is an organization which focuses on the application of principles and practices from the non-violent martial art of Aikido in areas of life other than self-defense. This book is the first book published in English describing the broad range of ways that various Aikido instructors have found to utilize Aikido outside the martial art training venue.

Aikido defense techniques are based on principles of awareness, relaxation, balance, efficient generation of power, and cooperative movement. These principles are referred to by the term aiki, and they can improve people’s actions in any activity from using a computer, raking leaves, or violin playing to team building, conflict resolution or trauma recovery. AE was founded in the USA, and there are now active AE groups in Germany and England. This book is composed of a selection of the papers presented at the German Aiki Extension conferences of 2000 and 2002 and 2003. The papers have been translated into English. Edited by Stephan Richter, Peter Schettgen, David Sikora, and Paul Linden.

$12 USD  of each purchase will be  donated to Aiki Extensions.

Embodying Power & Love: workbook accompanying the video

Sample Chapters: 

This ten-hour video is the equivalent of a three-day intensive introduction to Being In Movement® mindbody education, the body awareness modality I have developed. The video is a compilation of the clearest clips from a number of different workshops I have done over the last 12 years. The video has been supplemented by some written material outlining the structure of the workshop and the skills to be gained. 

When people are stressed, challenged or threatened, they typically contract or collapse their breathing, posture, movement, and attention. In situations of conflict, these powerful response patterns undermine people’s ability to think rationally, interact empathically, act peacefully, and come up with life-affirming solutions. In trauma, these physical response patterns get locked into the body, which can keep trauma survivors weak and unable to move beyond their trauma. In other areas from music performance to attention deficit disorder, the same patterns interfere with ease, comfort, and efficacy. 

With this experiential video, you will learn techniques for improving body awareness, power, kindness, logical thinking, and self-protection. Establishing the integrity of the self enables people to stay peaceful during conflicts, which provides a foundation for resolving conflicts in harmonious and productive ways. Likewise, the same physical skills enable trauma survivors to break free of the past and live in the present with strength and effectiveness. And these skills can be applied usefully in almost any area of life.




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ENSEÑANDO A LOS NIÑOS A ALCANZAR PAZ CORPORAL: Consciencia Corporal, Auto-Regulación y Resolución de Conflictos


Este libro se enfoca en el rol del cuerpo en la resolución de conflictos y los procesos de construcción de paz. El conflicto generalmente incluye la respuesta pelea-o-corre. Esta respuesta es un estado físico corporal que hace difícil pensar o actuar pacíficamente, de maneras no oposicionales o afirmativas. El libro ofrece una progresión sistemática de ejercicios, juegos, y juegos de rol que los adultos pueden enseñar a los niños para ayudarles a reconocer la contracción postural y rigidez de la respuesta pelea-o-corre y reemplazar eso con un estado corporal suave y expansivo.

Comfort at Your Computer Body Awareness Training for Pain-Free Computer Use

Sample Chapters: 

"... an excellent resource for anyone who uses a computer. True to its title, the book shows the reader in clear and easy to understand steps how to use a computer in comfort." -Physical Therapy, December 1996  

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