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Embodying Power And Love

A Workshop on Body Awareness & Self- Regulation

 Paul Linden PhD,
6th° black belt in aikido

Columbus Ohio USA
April 16-21 2018




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When we are challenged, stressed or overwhelmed-- by anything from playing a difficult piano piece or trying to meet a project deadline to a violent assault or a serious injuyry —, our natural tendency is to constrict or collapse our attention, breathing, posture, vision and movement — which is experienced as feelings such as fear, anger, effort, strain, shock, weakness, resignation, numbness or dissociation. 

 In task performance, these physical responses interfere with planning and physical coordination. In situations of conflict, these powerful physical patterns undermine people’s ability to think rationally, interact empathically, and act peacefully. When the physical response patterns get locked into the body, that is the traumatized state. 

 By learning how to open and balance your body and attention, you can create a physical and mental state of relaxation, expansiveness, calm alertness, and compassionate power. This state of mind/body integrity is the foundation for overcoming the distress response and for handling life’s difficulties effectively. 

 I have been practicing aikido (a nonviolent Japanese martial art) for 48 years, and I have used it as a laboratory for studying the self in movement. I have found ways to teach people in a matter of hours practical body awareness skills that took me 20 to 30 years to grasp. These methods do not involve vigorous or strenuous movement, and they are very simple. They stand on their own, and they also complement traditional skills in various educational and healing modalities. This educational method would be of interest to coaches, mediators psychotherapists, martial artists, yoga practitioners, peace activists, business people and anyone interested in elegant, strain-free action.

THE 6-DAY WORKSHOP will focus on a number of areas of embodiment education: relaxation and stress management, task improvement, trauma work, assertiveness and conflict management, and hands-on body work. The whole six-day sequence will teach an integrated understanding, and whichever area you intend to work with, familiarity with the other areas will deepen and strengthen your understanding of how to apply embodiment in your chosen area.

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By studying the body, we can polish the whole self.

Power without love is brutality. Love without power is ineffective.

  • Challenge-response model: When there is a problem, learning becomes necessary.
  • Calibration of exercises: A carefully graded series of difficulties develops resources and abilities safely.
  • Defining terms: Clear, concrete definitions improve communication.
  • Body-based language: Grounding speech in tangible body actions improves awareness and communication. 
  • Intentions: Actions are created by projecting intentions through space.
  • Emotions: Emotions are body actions. Feelings are what they “taste” like to the person doing them.
  • Testable hypotheses: Reframing movements/actions as expressions of beliefs and setting up experiments to test the beliefs offers an efficient path of growth and improvement.
  • Replacing: You can't stop an undesirable action or emotion – you have to replace it with an incompatible and more useful body state.
  • Hands-on body work and movement instruction are two ways of communicating the same information to students. 
  • Ongoing practice: Awareness skills improve by working with exercises on a continuing basis.

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PAUL LINDEN, Ph.D., is a specialist in body awareness education and the developer of Being In Movement® mindbody education. He holds a Ph.D. in Physical Education, a sixth degree black belt in Aikido and a first de¬gree black belt in Karate, and he is an instructor of the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education.  He has extensive experience teaching people such as musicians, athletes, computer users, pregnant women, adult survivors of child abuse, children with attention disor¬ders, people embroiled in conflicts, and business persons. He has numerous articles downloadable from the website. Some of his e-books and videos are:

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Course Details
The course will take place April 16-21, 2018 at Aikido of Columbus, 3003 Silver Drive, Columbus, OH 43224. 614-263-1111

We will start the first day at 10 o’clock in the morning and finish on the last day at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. But if people have to leave at lunch time to make a flight, that would be possible.  It may help to know that the movement studio is 15 minutes from  the airport,  And it is a small, easily navigable airport.

The fee includes the six day workshop, two study videos and three e-books.
$500 USD by MARCH 1, 2018 
People from outside North America may be eligible for a discount - please contact paullinden@aol.com for details. 
If you cancel your registration after March15, 2018, there will be a non-refundable fee of $250.

To register you have to

1.  Fill out the registration form and send it either
2.  Pay the workshop fee of $500
  • online (click Add to cart button at the bottom for this page) or
  • send a check by snail mail. 

Please note that you are not registered until the payment is received in full AND we received your registration form.

Paul Linden
221 Piedmont Road
Columbus, OH 43214

There are a number of motels nearby.

It is old aikido tradition to  for visitors  at a seminar to sleep on the dojo's training mats, bring a sleeping bag. showers are available.

 There is one motel nearby that offers a shuttle service to any destination within 5 miles – which includes the movement studio. As well as many restaurants and supermarkets.

Fairfield Inn & Suites Columbus OSU

3031 Olentangy River Road
Columbus, Ohio 43202 USA
Phone +1 614-267-1111

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Linden’s work is absolutely essential to understanding your personal reactions to conflict. Through his work, participants learn clear and operational techniques to build self-awareness of our physiological responses to stress and conflict. This self-awareness then allows us to make different choices and see situations in completely different circumstances. I highly recommend that anyone who works in high-conflict or high-stress situations take this training. Stephen Kotev – Conflict Resolution Consultant and Adjunct Professor of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University

During a local chapter meeting of an anti-racist and social change group with which I am involved, I led about forty attendees in one of Paul's exercises: Power Sitting. After demonstrating how to perform the exercise with two volunteers, we broke up into groups of three and spent ten minutes taking turns learning how to sit powerfully. It was satisfying to see the look of pleasant surprise in their eyes and hear their laughter when they realized that were easily resisting the full weight of someone learning against them. Once we had reassembled in our seats, one attendee asked, "So, how is this exercise practical?" Before I could respond, another attendee said, "Well, I could see how if I'm in a meeting and I'm feeling myself getting irritated or collapsing emotionally, I can readjust so that I am sitting in this way, which makes me feel strong and safe. Feeling that way, I am much more likely to act compassionately and confidently in the face of a verbal conflict." At our next meeting, we plan to learn another one of the five exercises. Thanks Paul!   RM, a participant in a workshop

I have been teaching Soft Tongue/face, Soft Belly, and Six Directions Reaching as techniques to call on internal courage before talking to others or in preparation for hearing unwelcome words. Sometimes I use Smiling Heart. I use local language and metaphors. Yesterday, a woman from a small town in Saurashtra region of Gujarat (India) called me up to report on her experience. She has been having difficult relations with her brothers and their families. They tend to look down upon her husband and spread rumors about them. It is difficult enough to visit them for events such as marriage and death, however, it is even more stressful when she encounters them on the street without notice. She tends to feel like not looking at them, or running away. This time, though, she handled it differently. As soon as she saw an older brother coming her way, she did the six-direction-reaching. After that she was able to handle the situation without the usual panic and went about her way. The same experience was repeated when she encountered her younger brother, who has quite a sharp tongue, which I have personally experienced. She was quite pleased and hopeful when she talked on the phone. DS, a workshop participant.

Paul Linden is a pioneer in somatic healing for survivors of sexual trauma. Through decades of experience working with survivors and training therapists in his work, he has been able to translate his approach into a step by step process that, along with psychotherapy, truly empowers survivors to reclaim their power and be present for all of life’s challenges. Each time I witness Paul work with a client, I see that client take another solid step forward in his recovery. When combined with effective psychotherapy, Paul’s work effectively helps survivors move from being survivors to being able to thrive. Howard Fradkin, Ph.D., LICDC-CS, Co-Chairperson, MaleSurvivor Weekends of Recovery 

I have found few resources in trauma work for survivors of sexual abuse as powerful or constructive as the work developed by Paul Linden.  Paul uses a method of somatic education that focuses on how body mechanics relate to emotions, thoughts, beliefs and self concepts. Paul's work has been one of the most powerful adjuncts to my work  with individuals who are shut down or constricted because of shame, stress, or fear. Mikele Rauch, is a Licensed Marriage Family Counselor. 

I am astounded at Paul’s ability to read the significance of the smallest body response. I would like to strongly recommend Paul's workshop on body work to all Aikidoists. I believe that Being In Movement training is insightful, profound, and deeply healing. Mary Heiny Sensei, 6th Dan Aikido

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