Group classes allow you to experience and work with a broad variety of people. Classes bring the interests and questions of a broad variety of people into the teaching situation and in this way increase the energy and scope of the learning.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are designed to fit your individual interests and needs as well as your style of learning and individual pacing. Because of their individual focus, they enable you to achieve the deepest and most rapid possible learning and growth. When you have very specific needs that would not be addressed well by the general nature of a class, private lessons would be most appropriate.

Workshops, Presentations & In-Service Trainings

Workshops, presentations and in-service trainings can be custom designed for businesses, civic organizations, medical and mental health professionals and other groups on a variety of topics such as stress management, conflict resolution, work safety, or performance enhancement.

Movement Disciplines

For a description of the movement modalities we teach and their applications and benefits, plese click here